Biochemistry Lab

Bio-Chemistry Lab


At the biochemistry laboratory, students have access to every kind of equipment for the study of biomolecules. The spacious laboratory has colorimeters, centrifuges, distillation units, electronic balances, microscopes, a flame photometer, automated pipettes and dispensers.

The clinical biochemistry laboratory at Bhagwati College of Pharmacy is also equipped to facilitate student’s practice. It has clinical chemistry analyzers, blood gas analyzers and ELISA analyzers, an HbAIC analyser, flame photometers and auto analyser.

The research laboratory is equipped with some of the latest equipment including electrophoresis units (polyacrylamide gel systems), chromatography units, homogenizers, distillation units, research microscopes, autoclaves, spectrophotometers, pH meters, UV lamp and incubators that assist students in conducting high level research.