Co-curricular activities are significant for enriching students on an emotional, cognitive, physical, and social level. The enrichment of the curriculum can come in the shape of the hidden curriculum (i.e., unwritten, unofficial, and often unintended lessons, values, and perspectives that people learn in an institute) or be structured as additional activities that are aimed at enriching the existing curriculum in alignment with learning outcomes and pedagogic activities. Co-curricular activities have also acted as a catalyst for the promotion of national integration, coexistence, cultural values, and general health and well-being in many countries. Whether they focus upon sports, arts, music, science or other areas, co-curricular activities play a significant role in students’ overall holistic development, as well as screening talents and giftedness among young learners.

In Bhagwati College of Pharmacy, we organize following co-curricular activities.

  • Pharmacy Quiz Competition
  • Seminars & Guest Lectures
  • Sports (Indoor & Outdoor Games)
  • Gymnasium
  • Cultural Programs
  • Visit to Pharmaceutical Industries & Research Laboratories